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Two left feet? Not a problem if you choreograph your first dance!

Everyone knows you and your future spouse will be in the spotlight on your wedding day. From the moment you walk down the aisle until the moment you leave the venue. You’re probably spending all of your planning on the little details and it might slip your mind what your first dance will be like as a married couple!

Some people consider taking dance lessons ahead of time to ease the stress of the dance, so you feel less awkward dancing in front of your friends and family. Did you know The District is also a dance academy by day? That means we have experienced instructors who will guide you through the entire process from choosing a song, learning to dance together, and finally learning your choreography.

Our first dance package includes your song cut so it's not too long and can be easily played by your DJ, your customer choreography on video for easy practice, and 5 private lessons with a world-class instructor, and all of this is just $799! If custom choreography sounds like a little too much for you there is also the option of taking improvisational lessons where you and your partner can learn dance figures, and connection. and lead-follow skills to be able to float across the floor gracefully.These lessons start at just $59.

But before you protest and claim you have two left feet and there’s no hope, here are a few reasons why you should choreograph your first dance!



1. Less Stress

Sure, you might have your wedding song picked out – that’s probably an easy one. But as the day

gets closer you might start to panic, thinking about how everyone will be staring at you as you walk out on the dance floor and twirl around for a good two to three minutes by yourselves. You shouldn’t freak out though! If you have a routine for your first dance, it takes the stress off of both of you as you work the entire dance floor.

You’ll Impress Your Guests

It doesn’t matter whether you’re beginners and taking dance lessons as a couple for the first time, or you’re pros on the dance floor. Wowing your guests with some choreographed fancy footwork will leave them with even more great memories of your special day

2. It Passes the Time

When you have a choreographed first dance, every beat and every minute will be filled with choreography. Instead of swaying back and forth or around in circles for the entire song – and let’s face it, those two to three minutes can seem like an eternity – you’ll actually pass the time quicker by counting out the steps in your heads.

3. It Makes For a Great Wedding Video

Everyone is bound to be taking out their cameras or cellphones to film your first dance. If you’ve nailed that choreography, think about how much more awesome those videos will be! Plus, as you look back on those videos years later (or show your future children), you’ll be impressed with how in sync you were.

4. You’ll Utilize the Whole Dance Floor

Oftentimes, couples will find themselves in the same spot on the dance floor, making it hard for all of their guests to catch a glimpse of you. If you’ve choreographed your first dance, you can make sure you work the entire dance floor so that everyone will be able to snap a photo or film a snippet of you as you twirl or dance by.

If the thought of dancing with your future spouse in front of all of those people still makes you nervous, you could also consider getting everyone involved! Having ‘flash mobs’ or choreographed dances with your friends, family, and significant other has been a trend for quite some time. Not only does it take the pressure off of you, but it makes everyone feel like they are part of your special moment! Here are a few tips if you want to choreograph a flash mob as part of your first dance.

5. Make It a ‘Surprise’

If you just involve your bridal party and a few close friends and family members, the choreographed ‘flash mob’ will surprise the rest of your guests. And if you make it part of your first dance, it will be an even better surprise as people start making their way to join you on the dance floor.

6. Start With Your Slow Dance

Why not start off with your typical slow first dance, but only have the DJ play the song for a minute before switching over to your faster-choreographed group dance? It keeps the traditional first dance concept, but then involves guests for a fun, special moment.

Weddings are such an investment, it's an easy decision to invest in the one thing that is going to help make your photos and videos truly be a work of art!

Simply reply to this email or call us to get your first dance lesson scheduled. We can't wait to meet you on the dance floor!

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